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Commercial Laundry Service FAQs

How much is the service?
The price for our commercial wash/dry/fold service is $5 per pound of laundry you send, we weigh each bag before starting the washing process. Free pick-up and drop-off for customers!

What are acceptable forms of payment?
We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover), Paypal ,cash and checks.


When do you pick up and deliver?
Depending on your location, pick-ups occur on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with clean clothes delivered back 48 hours later.


Where do you pick up and deliver?
The most convenient place for you.


How often do you pick up and deliver?
We offer both weekly and every other week options. Typically this is schedule is enough to handle customer needs, but if multiple pickups per week are needed then accommodations can be arranged.

How do I sign up or get more information?
Contact us at 07-3160-6835 or

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